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In an effort to provide affordable camping alternatives to our members, we have recently concluded research on various membership networks. Our conclusions were overwhelmingly in favor of Adventure Outdoor Resorts. By being a member of Timber Lodge Resort, a fully licensed AOR resort, you are now eligible to upgrade your membership to include AOR at a greatly reduced member price.

Adventure Outdoor Resort includes nearly 200 of the existing CCC and RPI resorts, (also includes all of the Western Horizon resorts), that by upgrading to gain the AOR affiliation, all AOR resorts recognize you as a home resort member. Home resort privileges are major in two areas:

  • Availability: the resorts have committed inventory of campsites to AOR which enables you to make reservations via a toll free 800#, including all major holidays.
  • Frequency of use: AOR resorts may be used by members with visits up to three weeks at a time. AOR also allows independent use of family members, free trip routing, no site coupons to pre-purchase and more other travel related services

AOR has set minimum pricing for members to upgrade their membership to include AOR at $3495. The annual dues to continue AOR is $89 pr/year (first full year free).

Timber Lodge Resort has been a fully licensed AOR Resort for over 14 years. Over this period of time we have had members, whom have upgraded for prices on an average of $3200, discontinued membership for various reason (such as age, health finances, etc) These AOR memberships now sit inactive and completely paid for.

Under a special arrangement with AOR you can now own one of these pre-owned memberships for a one time price of $895. This is a full AOR membership, the best one you can buy and most of these sold new for $3500.00.

These memberships will not last; our inventory holds only 27 of these special priced AOR Ambassador memberships. This price has been discounted way below the published AOR minimum price guidelines under a special arrangement with AOR.

This member only package price is a savings of $2600.00 off the new prices and represents a savings of nearly 75%.

This offer is being made only to present members only.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact our sales agent at 800-937-4165 or email our Sales Department.

Offer Expires January 20, 2016

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